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Considering Adoption

Deciding to build or expand your family through adoption is one of the most life-changing decisions you’ll make. Whether you have a clear preference for one of our programs (domestic infant, domestic waiting child or international), are looking for assistance in making this important decision or simply need a local agency to complete your home study, the Family Hope Connection (FHC) is here to help.

Our mission is to place children with permanent, loving families; and we’ll work with you through whichever route is best for you and your family.
We are committed to supporting you through the process of becoming parents through adoption and beyond.

Pre-Adoption Services

You may be coming to the Family Hope Connection with your mind set on one type of adoption or another. Or you may not yet be sure and want to evaluate your options. There are a wide array of choices in adoption and FHC adoption caseworkers can help you decide which path is right for you.

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Domestic Infant Adoption Services

If you want to adopt a U.S. born infant as a way to build your family, we can help make that happen. There are thousands of birthparents every year who make the difficult decision to entrust the raising of their child to a loving, adoptive family. We want to help you match with yours. We’ll help you understand the costs, benefits and risks and adoption regulations. For those families that prefer to adopt from another state due to variances in adoption regulations, we’ll help you identify resources both in PA and in other states. We’ll provide a home study and post placement services once a child is placed with you and will complete all necessary paperwork required by the court system to complete your adoption.

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International Adoption Services

Family Hope Connection works with agencies that specialize in inter-country adoptions, providing the local support you need. We can help you to understand the costs, benefits and risks; identify international agency options; support you through the international adoption process; and prepare your home study.

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Waiting Child Services

As an affiliate of SWAN, FHC provides a variety of services to waiting children. We help children prepare for permanency by: Helping them understand 1. "Who I am?", 2. "What happened to me?", 3. "Where am I going?", 4. "How will I know when I get there?", 5. "When will I know I belong?". We do this by utilizing developmentally appropriate language and activities which is done in the child's home and on an individual basis. An individual Lifebook is created for the child addressing the above issues. We also research and compile the child/youth's history and write their Child Profile through reading their extensive files, interviewing past caregivers - including birth parents as well as interviewing their current caregivers. FHC through SWAN helps identify an appropriate and permanent family if the child is unable to reunify with their family of origin. Once a child is matched with a "waiting family" FHC works with the child's caseworker, foster parents, child and adopting family to assist in making the move as easy as possible for child and his/her new family. FHC staff will work with the "new family" until the finalization of the adoption. FHC can continue to stay involved if the family chooses by utilization of Post Permanency services paid for by SWAN.

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Home Studies/Family Profiles

Pennsylvania adoption law requires all prospective adoptive families to obtain a thorough assessment/home study conducted by a licensed adoption agency or social worker. The home study also is used by Family Hope Connection and other SWAN partners to match families with waiting children. Whether you are working with FHC to facilitate your adoption, or simply need a local agency to complete your home study, we can help.

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